Rich Media Multi Channel
Communication Platform

Publisher Plus

Rich media module: Player & API

CatProductionTogether with Cat Production, an expert for animation and interactive media, we developed Publisher Plus, a module for RichTalk to publish video presentations, video or image galleries, text and 360° panoramas.

You can use a player app to bring your content to the App Store without having to write one single line of code! Or you can access our PublisherPlus API to integrate all features right into your own app.

Contact us today to get a Demo for your iPad or install a free copy of DENSO Technology to see one of our first Publisher Plus Apps with animations and a 360° panorama created by Cat Production.

Pano Plus

Illustrate a 360° scene

With Pano Plus you can easily add a 360° panorama to your apps just by adding the content to the RichTalk server.

In addition, you can illustrate x/y coordinates inside this panorama with related information or link to other content.

Gallery Plus & Text

Platform independent publishing

The two final publishing types Gallery Plus and Text Plus can be used to publish video or image galleries as well as rich HTML articles that you can edit on the server using a WYSIWYG editor.

Of course all of this content is published as a downloadable package and can be viewed offline when your users finished their downloads.

Video Plus

A modern way to present your movies

When you present a video to your users, it's nice to jump here and there and to see your information in motion.
With Video Plus you can even present additional information on any given breakpoint in your video. Fade in additional images or illustrate x/y-coordinates for a specific film still.