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App Share Monitor

Monitoring / Sales / Invoice Generation

RichTalk® App Share Monitor provides an easy way to measure app sales and the effect of marketing activities. It's a tool that makes it possible to partner with content providers, a tech department and marketing people, without the need to handle any invoice by yourself.

App Share Monitor handles sales and financial reports, displays data and generates monthly invoices on demand for every partner that gets a share - or has to share marketing costs.

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Partner setup

Define everyone's share

With App Share Monitor, the first thing you do is to set up your partner data, define the portion he has to pay for marketing events and define the income share he will receive. These are the contractual details that your app business relies on.


Transparency is the key!

Did you ever wonder how to provide a transparent view on your daily sales to your partners? App Share Monitor solves this issue with daily AND monthly charts that are imported and aggregated automatically for your project.


Never ever waste your time!

Hours of work has gone into manual aggregation of contract details, selecting items from financial reports and send these in an invoice to your partners. With App Share Monitor, every partner can handle this task with one single click! Invoice generation is an easy task for ASM!