Rich Media Multi Channel
Communication Platform

Content Services

Management / Authoring / Payment Validation

RichTalk® Content Services provide an easy way to edit and distribute your content. You can package and bundle your content items and sell them or provide them for free to your customers.
RichTalk® editing features and RichTalk data schemes enables you to update your information at any time. You are even able to change data structures for the most recent app version while older versions of your app will still access the data they know about. This means that you don't have to care about possible crashes or unexpected behavior in older versions when you change your data model, but you have the latest information and features in newer versions of your app.
All your content is stored in a platform-independent way. RichTalk® validates purchase receipts of the Apple App Store, Samsung Apps and Google Play and supports Promo Codes for In-App purchases.

Read more in this Content Service Example.

In-App Purchases

Platform Independent Sales

RichTalk provides an easy way to integrate In-App sales. A developer on Android or iOS calls some simple methods and the RichTalk server will check if a purchase is valid before delivering content or meta data to your app.

Data Schemes

Updates Are Simple

RichTalk allows to manage your data in different schemes. That way you are able to expand your app and implement new features while older installations of your apps are not affected. This is the solution for a key problem for many content-driven apps - there you are!


Track Your Installations

All In-App purchases and new downloads of content packages and bundles are tracked for iOS and Android. That way you can easily see how your marketing efforts influence In-App sales and downloads.