Rich Media Multi Channel
Communication Platform

Push Services

Channel based / Broadcast / Private

RichTalk® Push Services give you everything you need to implement Rich Media Push functions in your apps. It's not only about user engagement. It can be packed with complex content items and data and is useful for broadcast, channel-based and private messages.

Push accounts can be registered either as native RichTalk® accounts or support Twitter or Facebook logins. Access to push channels can be sold via In-App purchases or provided to content partners, who deliver news or other important info to your user base.

Of course it's also possible to send your messages to users based on their location. Got a message for all car enthusiasts in New York with a movie attached? With RichTalk® Push Services that's not a problem at all.

Here's a more detailed Push Service Example.


Build a social network

Your users are able to push messages to their friends. Of course - if they like - your users can choose to block all incoming messages.
Instead of going totally private, think of a subscribe function to the posts of individual users. It's all just built in and ready to go.

Channel based

Your Users' Choice

Don't bother your users with messages that contain information they don't want to read. Let them choose what kind of information they like. Push channels are a good solution to implement this. And it's built right in.


The Essence

Really important information should be sent out using a broadcast message. Of course you can do that whenever you like. If you like to send a preview of new In-App items, this is your way to go.