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Other Services

News / Highscores / A/B Testing

Besides our core services content and push, you can use several other RichTalk features such as the news ticker or multi-criteria highscores.

If you like, you can use the content and push services to implement a flexible A/B testing workflow into your apps and combine this with a tracking tool of your choice.

We integrated our Publisher Plus module for video presentations, image & video galleries, text and 360° panoramas.

The RichTalk Client API on iOS and Android includes some classes and methods on the client side, too, that can be very useful if you're developing apps.


Rich Media Publishing

Our PublisherPlus module contains multiple player views for video presentations, galleries, text and 360° panoramas.

It's so simple to publish your own content to the App Store - even when you don't like to code. more…

News & Highscores

Just what you need

When you don't want to have Push Services enabled, you can still add a News Ticker to your apps. It's a language and location based module for your RichTalk app.
Multi-critera highscores are just another thing. And of course you can use any of these functions irrespective of the platform.