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RichTalk data on your map

Know where you are - find what you need

With RichTalk and the powerful CoreData import API for iOS, it's simple and fast to set up your database and link it to a map.

On Android, you can easily import all data to your SQLite database.

This way, your users can access the latest information for all your data objects right from the map, even when they're traveling without a running internet connection. When your app finds a connection, it can update all data objects using the intelligent update mechanisms of the RichTalk framework.

Since you are able to request custom forms and custom built business logic for your RichTalk environment, you could even manage subscribers or content partners for your data entries and let them update their data as they need.

In addition, when you manage business locations on your map, each entity could be a sender of Push messages, identified by its map entry. Users of your apps could receive information, and they immediately know where it belongs to. That's what we do with RichTalk Push and Content Services.